Lightweight hall

A robust construction, made form aluminium profiles and hot deep galvanized metal parts is the sturdy base of the structure, which can be used either as an industrial tent or a quick assembly hall. It offers different types of structures, from a simple warehouse to heat insulated production hall or business premises. Of course, its biggest advantages are quick assembly, mobility, long lifespan and application versatility.

Lightweight hall TYPE 4 - INSULATING PANELS

Where the wishes and requirements exceed what our industrial tents can provide, for example in production, maintenance services, assembly, offices and similar, we can offer a quick assembly hall, insulated or non-insulated. A quick assembly hall can be quickly assembled and used with heat insulation, increased technical safety, simplified official procedures for permit acquisition, all at an affordable price, with mobility and the option of subsequent transformation for other purposes.

Lightweight hall TYPE 5 - METAL SHEETS

The TYPE 5 quick assembly hall is basically the same as the TYPE 4. The structure is the same while the roof and walls are made from trapezoidal metal sheets. Since it has no insulation it is appropriate for storage of products, materials and machines, which are not sensitive to variations in temperature.

Technical data

Width 5,0 7,5 10,0 12,5 15,0 17,5 20,0
3,50 4,20 3,50 4,20 3,50 4,20 3,50 4,40 5,00 3,50 4,40 5,00 3,50 4,40 3,50 4,40
4,15 4,85 4,50 5,20 4,82 5,52 5,16 6,05 6,56 5,50 6,40 7,00 5,83 6,72 6,17 7,06
Lightweight hall
1. Construction - aluminium profiles 6. Personal single door
2. Hot deep galvanized fastening metal parts 7. Cover strip of metal sheet
3. Roof - metal sheets or sandwich panels 8. Floor cover strip of metal sheet
4. Wall - metal sheets or sandwich panels 9. Gutter for rainwater
5. Sekcional, rolling, double leef or sliding gates
Length: as required, incremental 2.5 m, option of 3.0 m
Snowload: from 75 kg/m2 to 125 kg/m2
Structure: cold formed structural aluminium from European suppliers
Fastening elements: hot deep galvanized metal parts
Required permits: simplified procedures
Delivery time: 1 to 4 weeks, 4 to 5 weeks for large quantities
Assembly time: 1 to 4 days, 7 to 10 days for large structures
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Application examples

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