Pagodas and pavilions

Utmost elegance and pleasant surroundings: A pagoda tent is a widely useful solution for various occasions, from quaint country fairs to the most exclusive VIP events.

Appealing to the eye, characterized by a European style with a breath of Orient and the Middle East, the Ogis pagoda tent deserves a special place among quick set structures.The most prominent features of Ogis pagoda tents are easy and fast setup and disassembly, low number of components, a robust aluminium structure, a high-quality PVC canvas, a wide range of optionals, as well as an excellent quality to price ratio.

Technical data

Pagoda Pavilion
Dimensions 3x3 4x4 5x5 6x6 3x3 4x4 5x5 6x6
Side height 2,22 - 2,52
Peak height 4,24 5,32 5,57 5,82 2,96 3,96 4,96 5,96
Construction Profile made of anodised aluminum, 64x64 mm, Hot-dipped galvanised steel parts, 80 km/h (0,30 kN/m2), anchoring with Steel pins, length: 85 cm, diameter: 25 mm
The longest part 2,96 3,96 4,96 5,96 2,96 3,96 4,96 5,96
Covering PVC tarpaulin, UV resistant, flame-retardant DIN 4102 B1, basic color - white, option of any color from the RAL
Pagodas and pavilions

The pavilion tent features the same structure as the pagoda tent, but provides a different roof PVC canvas and the tensile element – pegs.

ALU profile - pillar ALU profile - pillar
Base plate Base plate
Connecting parts Connecting parts
Pagode i paviljoni nacrt

Application examples

Industrial tents and assembly halls for every opportunity.

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