Trade show tents are well suited for outdoor exhibition places, requiring sun, rain and moister protection. They can be used as exhibition spaces, reception bays for guests, VIP spaces, catering spaces as well as a combination of exhibition-sales premises.

Every trade fair and each exhibitor has a scope of conditions, demands and whishes set. To accurately respond to them, proper trade fair tents must be chosen so as to satisfy the customers demands and whises at its best. Our offer of trade fair tents includes:

  • party tents - (small and medium sized)
  • events tents - (large)
  • pagodas and pavilions
  • VIP tents
  • "star" VIP tent
  • tent systems
  • stages
  • catering pavilions

Technical data

Pagoda and pavilion 3x3 m, 4x4 m, 5x5 m, 6x6 m
Small tents 2x3 m, 3x3 m, 4x4 m, width 6 m x as desired in modular spacing of 3 m
Medium tents width: 8 m, 10 m, as desired in modular spacing of 5 m
Large tents width: 15 m, as desired in modular spacing of 5 m
Catering pavilion diameter: 520 cm (cover: one color or printed graphics)
Construction cold extruded structural aluminium, anodized, hot-dip galvanized iron elements
Covering PVC tarpaulin, UV-resistant, flame-retardant DIN 41 02, B 1
Anchoring pegs/pins
Side height from 210 cm to 300 cm

Application examples

Industrial tents and assembly halls for every opportunity.

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